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Zoom! Whitening in Seattle, Transform Your Smile in a Flash!

Thanks to Zoom! Whitening in Seattle, patients of Patricia Benca, DDS can literally transform their smile during the course of a lunch break! With the hectic schedules and busy calendars we know our patients keep, our entire team is thrilled to offer such an easy and convenient solution.

Zoom! Whitening at the Seattle dental office of Dr. Benca takes just a few short steps:

  • Simple preparations are made to isolate your teeth from your gums, lips and cheeks.
  • Next, Zoom! gel is applied to your tooth structure, and exposed to the Zoom! light. The light and gel are designed to work together to brighten the shade of your teeth dramatically!
  • Up to three 15 minute long applications of gel are applied to your teeth, for a total whitening time of up to 45 minutes; all you have to do is relax!
  • Finally, all you have to do is walk out of our office with a brilliant, beautiful new smile! It’s really as easy as that.

Why let anything hold you back from having the vibrant white smile you’ve been dreaming of? Especially when it’s this easy and convenient. For more information about Zoom! Whitening in Seattle, contact the office of Dr. Patricia Benca without delay!

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