Dental Implants

Change your smile and your life!

A smiling older couple shows how dental implants restore your smile
A smiling older couple shows how dental implants restore your smile
A smiling older couple shows how dental implants restore your smile

What are Dental Implants?

They're the ultimate solution for missing teeth.


Dental implants have been called one of the biggest advances in dentistry in the last 40 years. Why? Because implants are the next best thing to your own natural teeth.

A dental implant procedure involves placing a new artificial root in the bone and then capping it with a durable, natural-looking porcelain crown.

These implants can be used to:

  • Replace one or more missing teeth
  • Anchor a bridge
  • Support dentures

Why Should You Choose Dental Implants?

Our patients love the many benefits they get to enjoy everyday from having dental implants. Here are a few you will love too!
Once the new artificial tooth root has been placed, an all-porcelain crown is placed on top that is custom-fitted and custom-colored to look just like your original tooth. Your implants will look, feel and function just like one of your own teeth.
Because implants are permanent, you don't need to worry about the slippage or chafing that can happen with dentures or bridges. You can speak, laugh and eat all the foods you enjoy with absolute confidence.
Dental implants are actually healthier for you. They prevent the bone loss that can happen from missing teeth. They are the one treatment that actually stimulates bone growth, resulting in a healthy, stable base for your teeth.

Why Choose Benca & Dean Dentistry for Dental Implants?

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Because we think you deserve the best. Don't you?
Dr. Patricia Benca, Dr. Laura Benca, and Dr. Robert Dean in Tukwila, WA
Dr. Patricia Benca, Dr. Laura Benca, and Dr. Robert Dean in Tukwila, WA
Dr. Patricia Benca, Dr. Laura Benca, and Dr. Robert Dean in Tukwila, WA

Our Tukwila dentist office has the team you need for a truly great dental implant experience. Our dentists have the experience and advanced training in oral surgery and cosmetic solutions that will give you the results you want - accurate, reliable, and beautiful.

Also, our dental support team are trained to focus on the comfort and needs of our patients and will help you through your procedure each step of the way.

  • Both Dr. Laura Benca and Dr. Robert Dean have a doctorate in dental surgery from the University of Washington.
  • Dr. Patricia Benca and Dr. Dean have pursued post-graduate studies with some of the finest study club and academies in the nations, such as the John Kois Center, Frank Spear’s original Achieving Restorative Excellence Study Club, and the Premier Study Group
  • We are proud to offer our patients the latest advancements in dental technology to make their visit easier and faster such as digital x-rays and CEREC same-day crowns.

‘‘Dr. Benca is great and the staff is very friendly and helpful! I highly recommend them!

- Kari, Seattle Area Patient

FAQs about Dental Implants
Get the answers below.
Yes, especially in the hands of an experienced implant dentist. The implant itself is typically made of titanium which is a biocompatible material that is readily accepted by the body. Your natural bone grows around the implant and locks it into place.
As long as your gums and jaws are healthy, yes. An implant needs adequate healthy bone structure to be successfully placed. If you have experienced considerable bone loss then another option might be recommended.
The actual placement of the implant in the bone can take 1 to 2 hours. Sometimes the crown can be immediately placed on the implant, but often it is placed once the implant has healed, 3 to 6 months later.
This really depends on the condition of your teeth and gums. A single implant can cost between $1000 to $3000. But it usually averages around $1700 per tooth.
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