Smile Design in Tukwila WA

Explore all the fabulous possibilities for your smile.
A middle-aged couple smiling as they hug

What is Smile Design?

Imagine your perfect smile. Smile design makes it a reality!
A middle-aged couple smiling as they hug

With all the fabulous, new advances in cosmetic dentistry …Click to go to the cosmetic dentistry page… and technology it’s now possible to have your “dream” smile faster and easier than ever before with smile design in Tukwila, WA.

Dr. Benca …Click to go to Dr. Patricia Benca’s page… will use her advanced education and years of experience to evaluate all the factors that come together to create the beautifully balanced and healthy smile you’ve been wanting.

What kind of things does a dentist consider to get a great result? Here are a few:

  • Face shape
  • Age
  • Personality
  • Your individual desires about your smile
Why Choose Smile Design?
Many have held back from making changes to their smiles because they were worried about extensive treatment time, being uncomfortable. or uncertain results. Our smile design patients have found out how easy the process can be and have been thrilled with the results. Here are some of the things they love about this treatment:
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Fast results

Smile design changes the appearance of your teeth right away. No need to wait for months or years to straighten your teeth or fill in gaps. You can have a straight, white, beautiful smile in just weeks.

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Comfortable treatment

The latest advancements in dental technology make the treatments we use for smile design less invasive and much more comfortable. You can relax and just enjoy the process as your new smile is crafted.

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More confidence

Customization always results in a better fit! Your customized smile design will result in a smile that fits YOU perfectly. You’ll love sharing your new smile with family, friends, workmates, and even total strangers!

Why You Can Trust Your Smile Design to Us!
Dr. Patricia Benca, Dr. Laura Benca, and Dr. Robert Dean your choice for dental implants in Tukwila, WA

Our Tukwila dentist team provides what we think you are looking for – personalized care, friendly and helpful staff, and highly trained, educated, and experienced dentists .

Your smile design consultation with our talented cosmetic dentists …Click to go to Dr. Laura Benca’s page… will be informative and enjoyable. We will get you involved in the process by fully educating you on every dental service available. We often use a combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments …Click to go to the cosmetic dentistry page… such as:

We’ll begin by taking multiple photos of your smile and then examine along with you the good things about your smile and what can or needs to be changed and we’ll listen carefully to your expressed desires. During the entire process, YOU are in control of what happens to your smile.

We will outline realistic expectations as to treatment time and the results you can expect, and we will only finalize your treatment plan when you feel 100% comfortable with it.

‘‘Love everything about this dental office! Dr. Benca and all of the staff are the best! Always makes you feel very comfortable and are kind, fun, and courteous... 5 stars isn't enough!’’

- Annie C., Seattle area patient

FAQs about Smile Design in Tukwila, WA
Get the answers below.
  • What flaws can smile design fix?
    With our advanced smile design treatments, we can completely change a smile that has chipped, cracked, discolored, gapped or crooked teeth into a thing of beauty that you will be able to enjoy forever!

    We can also use gum contouring to reshape a “gummy smile” into one that has the perfect balance of tooth surface to gums which can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your smile.

  • Who should consider smile design treatment?
    Anyone who wants their smile to look younger and healthier, and who wants to feel more confident about their appearance.

    A person would be a good candidate for smile design if they generally take good care of their teeth. If someone has damaged or diseased teeth, we would first work on restoring the health of their teeth with restorative dentistry treatments and then move on to their smile design treatment.

  • How much does smile design cost?
    Each smile is different, and so the cost can vary greatly depending on which treatments are used during your smile design process.

    During your consultation we will outline exactly which treatments we will use, and an estimate of the cost will be available before we begin any treatment. Also, our team will be happy to help you work out arrangements for financing your care.

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