Single Visit Crowns For Tukwila

In and out with same day crowns in Tukwila, WA.

Short on Time?

Here's How Same Day Crowns Solves That

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Time is precious, and here at Benca Dentistry, we understand. Life can get crazy and between time spent at work, with family, social life, and personal time who has extra left over for multiple visits to the dentist for a crown on one tooth? No one likes being inconvenienced or getting shots each visit; who wants that?

You no longer have to settle. Dr. Benca and her entire team are happy to be one of only a few dental offices in the Tukwila area to offer same-day crowns.

Same-day crowns utilize state-of-the-art dental restoration technology that forms natural-looking crowns directly within the dental office while you wait. No longer are you required to schedule several appointments, or wear a temporary crown.

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‘‘Dr. Benca has a fully equipped modern dental office and a well trained staff to assist her. The dental experience with Dr. Benca is a positive one.

- Sandra, Actual Patient


Save Time

Same-day crowns 'as the name suggests' are crafted in one day. This means only one visit to the dentist is required, saving you considerable time away from your job and family.


Add Strength

Milled ceramic is much more durable than the conventional technique of layering and pressing, meaning your smile will stay gorgeous for years to come!


Look Better

Same-day crowns utilize strong, tooth-colored ceramic materials to revive your teeth to their original strength, harmony, and capacity, and nearly match the composition of your natural tooth structure.


Feel Better

With Same-cay crowns from Benca Dentistry, there is no need for a temporary crown or a second appointment thus, eliminating significant possible discomfort.


From Comfort to Technology

Expect your dental experience to be fabulous!

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