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Are You Looking For the Best Dentist in Seattle? Look No Further!

Best dentist in Seattle! We know that’s a pretty big claim to make. Does our dentist live up to it? Yes, she does! And we’re not the only ones saying that. Here’s why we can say with such confidence that our dentist is one of the best in the Seattle area. How do you become […]

use up your dental insurance benefits

Benefit From Your Dental Insurance Benefits: Use Them, Don’t Lose Them!

Dental insurance benefits can be difficult to navigate. Co-pays, deductibles, limits… you might wonder, “What does it all mean? How can I maximize my benefits? Am I missing out on coverage?”  Did you know most dental insurance benefits don’t roll over from year to year? If you don’t use them, you could lose them! Don’t […]

Tukwila dentist new website

Our New Site Has Launched and We’re Having a Wow Moment!

An-tic-i-pa-tion: excitement, waiting eagerly for something you know is going to happen.  That definitely describes how we felt while our new website was under construction. Because we directed the design and content, we knew it was going to be something that both we and our Tukwila dentist patients would love, but now that it’s arrived, all […]

Dental Insurance Assurance: Your Questions, Answered

When you arrive for your appointment, one of the first things we’ll ask you is, “Do you have dental insurance?” Like any insurance, dental insurance can provide valuable peace of mind and can help cover basic needs. However, once you receive your treatment plan, you may have questions about exactly what your insurance covers.We’re here to help! “I […]

We Want To Keep You Smiling!

We are very grateful for our patients, and we wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate your continued trust in our doctors and team for your dental care. Dr. Benca and Dr. Dean along with our entire staff feel that you deserve the best care from us each time you visit our […]

Online Reviews Rock!

Whether you’re looking to buy a new vehicle, choosing a hotel, or deciding which dentist to trust, online reviews can influence your decisions.     Online Reviews Rock!   If you’ve visited your local Seattle dentists, Dr. Benca & Dr. Dean,  you’ve no doubt formed an opinion. That opinion matters to us and we would love to […]

Dental Insurance: Use it or Lose it!

Don’t toss away good money by neglecting to use services you’ve already paid for. Your dental insurance plan works best for you when you put it to work on a regular basis. Your Dentist in Tukwila, Dr. Patricia Benca, can show you how.   Smart Questions to Ask You literally could save hundreds of dollars […]