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What Is Diagnodent Doing For Your Dentist and the Southcenter Area?

Dr. Benca and our team are dedicated to making your oral health our primary concern. One way we do so is by providing patients with topnotch services and some of the newest tools in dentistry. Diagnodent is a relatively new and cutting-edge laser caries detector tool that your dentist uses to find and treat tooth decay at its very earliest stages.

The ability to detect caries while they are at their smallest means they are able to be treated before they become a more serious issue. If dental caries are diagnosed too late, they can lead to severe tooth decay, and eventually tooth loss. By treating them early, you and your dentist can rest assured that more complicated and invasive procedures won’t be needed later on. Surprisingly, about 50% of dental caries are undiscovered with traditional techniques. With the assistance of the newer technology of Diagnodent, your dentist in Southcenter will be able to diagnose and treat dental caries that cannot be detected by x-rays or other diagnostic techniques.

For more information on the services and tools we use in our office, feel free to visit our website or simply contact our office. As your dentist in Southcenter and the surrounding areas, Dr. Benca and her team are sure to meet your expectations when it comes to your oral health. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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