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What Does Your Dentist Do Outside the Office?

Whether you like to paint or to hike, we all have a hobby we love to thrive on. For leading dentist in Seattle, Dr. Patricia Benca, when she is not crafting beautiful smile, she can be found outside snapping photos or growing exotic plants in her garden.

Your Dentist in Seattle

Dr. Benca lives near the Puget Sound coast where the mild ocean air lingers to encourage the growth of some of the finest plants in the Pacific Northwest such as rhododendrons, Japanese maples, leaf vegetables and begonias.

She has planted perennials and has tried her hand at growing veggies. However, it was to no avail, thanks to the fickle Northwest climate. Despite her trouble growing vegetables, that will not stop her from being outside.

You can tell Dr. Benca loves catering to her garden with her love for photography by documenting the beauty she has created. Her photos say it all. Her garden looks absolutely beautiful, filled with colors and different plant species.

We are curious: What are your favorite hobbies?

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