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Seattle Area Zoom! Whitening

At the office of Dr. Patricia Benca, we love giving our patients a reason to smile! Our commitment is to better your life by improving your oral health, and if it’s right for you, enhancing the look of your teeth too.

Cosmetic dental procedures that elevate your appearance by improving the beauty of your smile are some of our most popular services.

And without a doubt, our most patient-requested aesthetic option is teeth whitening!

Seattle area dental patients interested in achieving a vibrant, bright, youthful look with teeth whitening will be glad to know that Zoom! really lives up to the hype.


So what can Zoom! do for you?

  • Dramatically whiter teeth!
  • The convenience of the teeth whitening in a single, one-hour appointment!
  • Look great for a special event with no wait.
  • Results that are sure to last, thanks to the added assurance of your own custom-fitted bleaching trays to use for touch-ups after your Zoom! whitening is complete.

Take it from us, if Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Seattle is something you’ve been even mildly interested in, the results will blow you away.

Now is the perfect time of year to treat yourself to the gift of a beautiful smile! Don’t wait another moment in seizing the opportunity to banish embarrassment over dull-looking teeth.

For more information about teeth whitening in Seattle, contact the office of Patricia Benca, DDS, MS. Call us today!

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