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How Seattle Dental Patients Can Wear a Magical Cloak of Invisibility

Do you remember, in “The Lord of the Rings” movies, when Frodo used the One Ring as a cloak of invisibility to hide from his pursuers? Well, this Renton dentist is officially offering her patients’ mouths the same special superpower (only it’s not magic and it really does work!).

If you wore braces as a teenager, or if you have a teenager that needs braces, you might understand some of the embarrassment associated with a “metal mouth” smile. Well, I have the perfect solution. Invisalign® invisible aligners effectively straightens teeth without anyone noticing the process at all. It’s like sliding a One Ring over your entire smile … only Sauron won’t be able to see you — no matter where you go in Bellevue or Seattle. I promise.

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