Summer Smiles: Tips To Keep Your Smile Bright After Whitening

Ah, summer… time for backyard barbecues, poolside parties, sunny vacations, and more! As you get your family ready for summer adventures, don’t forget to schedule a teeth whitening  at our Tukwila office to get your summer smile ready for all of the photos you’re about to take during your travels and activities! Teeth Whitening Tukwila […]

Turn Back the Hands of Time With Professional Teeth Whitening

Although you may tell others you’re much younger than you really are, your teeth may not be as adept at supporting your claim. In fact, your teeth could actually be making you look older than your actual age. Professional teeth whitening can help you regain and maintain a youthful, healthy look that puts a swagger […]

6 Reasons to Choose Professional Teeth Whitening from your Dentist

The saying “Smile and the world smiles with you,” highlights the inestimable value of a dazzling smile. Do your stained, unsightly teeth cause you to miss out on the benefits associated with sharing your smile? Then consider the smile-rejuvenating option of our Seattle professional teeth whitening.