A young women holding a clear aligner used to straighten teeth

The Cost of Invisalign: Everything You Need To Know

When you have crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gaps between your teeth, or problems with your bite, a dental expert can use Invisalign to correct these issues. These clear, removable teeth aligners are used to improve your bite’s function, speech, enhance your smile, and promote better oral health. When it comes to correcting dental issues, you’ll […]

A man holding the side of this mouth in pain, in need of our dental emergency consultations

What to Do in a Dental Emergency (Save This Just In Case!)

You break a leg; you go to the emergency room. They are open 24/7 and can help you. But what happens when you break a tooth? Or experience severe tooth pain? If your first reaction is to go to the emergency room, WAIT. In this blog, we’ll tell you why dental emergency consultations should be […]