6 Reasons to Choose Professional Teeth Whitening from your Dentist

The saying “Smile and the world smiles with you,” highlights the inestimable value of a dazzling smile. Do your stained, unsightly teeth cause you to miss out on the benefits associated with sharing your smile? Then consider the smile-rejuvenating option of our Seattle professional teeth whitening.

Say "I Love You" With Your Smile

Valentine’s Day is almost here. It means about $1 billion worth of chocolate will be sold and 73% of men will rush to the local florists to buy flowers. February 14th is the day where you and your loved one can affectionately display your love for each other, and nothing shouts “I love you” more […]

Beautiful Smiles on your Special Day with Teeth Whitening for Seattle

Before walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, cutting the cake and dancing the night away with your friends and family, a bride and groom have many stresses to deal with before their big day. Teeth whitening is not on Seattle residents’ minds, especially with Decorations, caterers, music, venues, and last minute cancellations to think of. […]

Zoom! Whitening in Seattle, Transform Your Smile in a Flash!

Thanks to Zoom! Whitening in Seattle, patients of Patricia Benca, DDS can literally transform their smile during the course of a lunch break! With the hectic schedules and busy calendars we know our patients keep, our entire team is thrilled to offer such an easy and convenient solution.

Seattle Area Zoom! Whitening

At the office of Dr. Patricia Benca, we love giving our patients a reason to smile! Our commitment is to better your life by improving your oral health, and if it’s right for you, enhancing the look of your teeth too.