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Are Unsightly Metal Fillings Frustrating You?

In the past, the use of amalgam to fill cavities was the standard in dentistry. Southcenter dentist, Patricia Benca, finds that over time, many patients become tired of these metal fillings.

If you had fillings placed some time ago, and find that you aren’t satisfied with their appearance, having them replaced with composite fillings might be an option for you!

A Better Solution For Dental Fillings

Composite fillings are a more aesthetically pleasing and durable solution than amalgam fillings.

Some of the many reasons patients are choosing to have their fillings replaced are:

Tooth Sensitivity— Some find that amalgam fillings cause sensitivity to hot or cold foods, in particular.

Safety— Many have questioned the safety of amalgam fillings, although there is no solid evidence that these fillings pose any risks.

Effectiveness— In some cases, amalgam fillings do not properly bond to the tooth, and may need to be replaced.

Cosmetics— Composite fillings are more eye-pleasing, looking identical to the natural tooth. You may even forget you’ve had a filling.

Opening wide, and announcing to the world how many fillings you’ve had in your life is no longer necessary!

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